EACS – Biometric & RIFD

Elevator Access Control System based on Biometric, RFID & Password/PIN

EACS – Biometric, RFID & Password based is an elevator access control system to upgrade the security while accessing lifts/elevators. Our EACS will restrict the access of any unknown person and will not let anyone enter the lift/elevator without showing their fingerprint or RFID card or entering the password on the device. The device can be programmed easily with the master password along with setting the timing of the door open bell without any use of a computer.


  • Total memory capacity is 500 user accounts
  • Fingerprint based access
  • RFID Card & PIN/Password based access
  • Adjustable door open bell timer
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Working current: ≤100mA
  • PIN/Password: 4 or 6 digit PIN
  • Card read distance: 1-5 cm
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 60 C
  • Working bumidity: 20% to 80%
  • Lock Output Load: NO, NC, Common
  • RF Card:125khz Industry Proximity EM card

Acrylic Casing