Floor Voice Announcer Card

For Lift/Elevator Panel

Floor Voice Announcer Card for Lift/Elevator Panel

Product Description

Floor Voice Annoucner Card works on AC/DC 12/24V. There are three musical tunes which changes randomly after announcing each floor. All the inputs are electrically isolated using opto-couplers so there are almost zero chances of getting the card damaged due to accidental high input voltage

Along with announcement of floors, there is also provision for Power Failure announcement (ARD), Overload, Door Open Bell, Auditorium, Hall, Terrace, Parking, Basement & many more.

  • 12V/24V AC/DC working voltage
  • Melodious voice/sound
  • Compact Design
Available Sound/Voice combinations:
  • Only Music
  • English
  • English - Hindi
  • English - Marathi
  • English - Gujarati
  • English - Telugu (with background music)
  • and many more.
Any other combination can be prepared as per requirement.


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