Elevator Overload Sensor

Elevator Overload Sensor (rope type) with controller unit

The Elevator/Lift Overload Sensor comes with the Load Cell & Controller unit, when once installed in the cabin, will give out the call/command after determining the overall weight of the passengers in the cabin. The controller unit is used to set the limits of the overall weight the passenger cabin can handle. It can easily be changed in future and requires very less recalibration as the load cell works precisely.


  • It works on 12V DC and 24V DC (thus saves the cost of using separate power supply)
  • The controller unit is modular & attached separately so that it can be changed easily in future
  • The load sensor is made of stainless steel (SS) thus has a long-lasting life
  • It works for both 1:1 & 2:1 rope and all sizes of rope
  • Easily programmable and compact design
  • Needs no frequent recalibration
Elevator Overload Sensor Load Cell & Controller Unit
Elevator Overload Sensor Controller Unit
Elevator Overload Sensor Controller Unit


Programming of the controller unit
Note: Move the elevator to the Ground floor (Elevator must be empty)

  1. Step 1

    Press “A” button for 5 seconds. The display will show “CALL ZERO LOAD”. Now press “OK” button. After pressing “OK” display will automatically change to “CALL LOAD”

  2. Step 2

    Now put approximate 50% known weight of total lifting capacity of the elevator (if lifting capacity is 410KG then put 200KG in the elevator). After putting known weight insert that 50% value (200KG) into “CALL LOAD” display using arrow button & press “OK”. After pressing “OK” button, the display will automatically change to “MAXIMUM LOAD”

  3. Step 3

    Now put total overload capacity value in “MAXIMUM LOAD” display, then press “OK”

  4. Step 4

    Programming completed here, now check the accuracy from Ground to Top floor.

Product Code: SEC OLS01