Emergency Alarm

Elevator Emergency Alarm

Elevator Emergency Alarm is widely used & operated via the elevator/lift cabin to alert people and the security staff about the malfunction of the elevator/lift. It is activated through the emergency button present inside the elevator/lift cabin. It sounds off a very loud announcement to alert people/security staff and letting them know that there is some issue with the elevator or it has stopped working, etc.


  • LED Indication – Red LED indicates charging status & Blue LED indicates Alarm ON status.
  • Variable Alarm ON time – It is by default 10-15 seconds and can be changed as per requirement.
  • Variable Alarm Volume – The volume of the alarm sound can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Accidental Electric Shock Prevention – A step-down voltage transformer is used instead of a capacitor to prevent accidental electric shock during installation/maintenance of the alarm.
  • Improved Battery Life – The battery charging circuit takes care of the over & undercharging voltage to increase battery life.
  • Retrofitted Box – The box case has been made in such a way so that it can easily replace existing alarm systems.
  • Modern & Safe Design – Rounded corners give an appealing look as compared to sharp edges.
  • Rust Resistant – Stainless Steel SS304 grade is used for the front plate to make it resistant to rust.

Product Code: EEA-01