Designer, Acrylic, Stainless Steel, etc. COP with 7 Segment & Dotmatrix display

COP, also know as Cabin Operating Panel, is the main controlling unit inside the elevator/lift cabin used to give car calls. The COP is fitted inside the cabin wherein the different floors accessible are indicated via switches/buttons. The passenger can use it to give the command to the control panel for moving the cabin towards any particular floor.

Our COPs are available in various casing and made up of different materials. We have Full Acrylic COP, Full Stainless Steel COP, Stainless Steel & Acrylic COP, Designer Acrylic COP as well as Access Controller based COP. The display card available is Single & Double-Digit Dot-matrix display, Single & Double Digit 7 Segment Display, Monochrome LCD, Colour LCD, etc.

We have also made provision to include time/clock display as well as temperature display in our display cards.

The full stainless steel COPs can also be laser engraved with the society/customer/company’s name or any text required. In the same way, the Acrylic COPs can have any coloured logo/text printed for better brand visibility.

List of COPs we manufacture:

  • Full Acrylic COP (Black)
  • Full Stainless Steel COP
  • Half Steel Half Acrylic COP (Black)
  • Full Golden Plate COP
  • Designer/Printed Acrylic COP
  • Elevator Access Controller in Acrylic or Steel COP (available in RFID & Biometric/fingerprint variants)
  • Touch-based COP
  • Touch-less COP (contact-less COP)
COP Acrylic 7 Segment
COP ACR/B/7/01
COP Acrylic Steel Dot-matrix
COP Acrylic Dot-matrix
COP Acrylic Steel 7 Segment
COP ACS/B/7/01

We also provide LOP (Landing Operating Panel) as in the same preset as available with COP.

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