Designer, Acrylic, Stainless Steel, etc. LOP with 7 Segment & Dotmatrix display

LOP, also known as Landing Operating Panel, is used to give command of landing calls for the elevator/lift cabin to arrive at the user’s floor/location.

Our LOPs are available in various casing and made up of different materials. We have Full Acrylic LOP, Full Stainless Steel LOP, Stainless Steel & Acrylic LOP, Designer Acrylic LOP as well as Access Controller based LOP. The display card available is Single & Double-Digit Dot-matrix display, Single & Double Digit 7 Segment Display, Monochrome LCD, Colour LCD, etc.

The full stainless steel LOPs can also be laser engraved with the society/customer/company’s name or any text required. In the same way, the Acrylic LOPs can have any coloured logo/text printed for better brand visibility.

List of LOPs we manufacture:

  • Full Acrylic LOP (Black)
  • Full Stainless Steel LOP
  • Half Steel Half Acrylic LOP (Black)
  • Full Golden Plate LOP
  • Designer/Printed Acrylic LOP
  • Elevator Access Controller in Acrylic or Steel LOP (available in RFID & Biometric/fingerprint variants)
  • Touch-based LOP
  • Touch-less LOP (contact-less LOP)
LOP Acrylic 7 Segment
LOP ACR/B/7/01
LOP Acrylic Steel Dot-matrix
LOP Acrylic Dot-matrix
LOP Acrylic Steel LCD
LOP Acrylic Steel 7 Segment
LOP ACS/B/7/01

We also provide COP (Cabin Operating Panel) as in the same preset as available with LOP.